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Apartments are Dumb, gimme a house

After dealing with my incompetent new management, (who can't even fix a gate!), I found a large envelope stuffed halfway in my door last night. Now even after telling them I sleep during the day, they still insist on knocking on my door at 3 in the afternoon. Anyway, inside the envelope were MORE things I had to sign like my community agreement and even a comment box. Wow. You couldn't have CALLED up to my apartment and said, "we have something else for you to sign? Could you please come back down at your earliest convenience?" No? Or leave me _that_ note on my door saying 'please return to the office?' NO?

So you're going to stick a stuffed envelope in my DOOR?! Just leave it hanging there to blow away or let someone else take it? And then don't give a date for me to come down and do it by?

Are you serious?

I really hate that I signed up for another year with this place, but I reeeally don't want to lay down 1000 bones to break my lease early.

On another note...well on one happy note, my cat just came over to fall asleep on my foot. lol I always enjoy that, it keeps my foot warm.

Anyway, like I was saying, last night A-train came over to celebrate a late V-day. (We only get to see each other about once a week now because he works a six-day morning schedule up at the new building. I don't get to move to the new building until some day in March.) We didn't do much, gave each other candy, though he got me flowers and a Stevie Wonder CD. WOOT! Then we watched Xena and went to sleep, lol.

I never put much thought into V-Day since I didn't start celebrating it until I began dating A-Train two years ago. That's 24 years of hardcore not caring about the day, so it still doesn't mean much to me.

Whew, anyway, I'll get pictures up here soon of Rockets fun.



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